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Redford Bobbitt’s Speech at the SDJGA Awards Banquet

As you may have read from an earlier post, my son, Redford Bobbitt was named the San Diego County Junior Golf Associations’ 2013 Player of the Year.

As a parent, first and foremost, and as an instructor, I couldn’t be more proud of my son for this major accomplishment.

Here is a one minute introduction of Redford: Introduction of Redford

Redford made a great speech, here: Redford’s Speech

I am so proud of him and this major milestone in his career.


Brian Bobbitt – San Diego Golf Instructor

Brian Bobbitt is a British PGA instructor who offers golf lessons in San Diego, CA. He offers instructional videos to help improve every area of your game. Brian has been playing and teaching golf professionally for the past 30 years.