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Corporate Packages

Golf is a great way to get quality time with the people important to your corporate success.  Whether you tailor an event that rewards your sales team, or a team building exercise for your IT Department, events centered around golf encourages dialog, competition, and bonding.
The benefits of golf and getting together with colleagues gives you the chance to get creative with your event.  Whether your theme is about exercise and wellness, or entertainment and golf challenges, we can get as creative as you want to get.  We can accommodate any and every skill level from casual to advanced.  Golf based events are safe, fun, and healthy.  And for those VIP clients, what’s better than getting a couple of one on one personal time?

Included in every package is personal video swing analysis for every guest, other swing aids such as the ForeSight system, and PlaneSwing.

Other options include:

Catering – We encourage you to get catering for these events, whether on your own, or allow us to handle the catering for you. Having food and drinks at these events just adds to fun.

Custom Club Fitting – As a Calloway Golfer, I can assist any and all of your guests for their own personal set of golf clubs, while getting everyone a pretty great deal on a new set of clubs.


Perfect for:

  • Entertainment
  • Team Building
  • Mixers
  • Socializing
  • Networking



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